Are you the next Tik Tok superstar: Short-form app launches campus audition in PH

Friday, August 3, 2018

Leading short-form video app Tik Tok is all set to find the most exceptional creators from the top universities in the metro with its first-ever campus tour in the Philippines. All college students from different schools are welcome to join in this fun and inspiring contest and win as much as Php 20,000 in scholarship from Tik Tok.

Make a video yourself, be a duo, with your pals, and roomies or even with your professors! Just let your imagination go wild and be creative. Participants will need to upload the videos in Tik Tok with the hashtag #tiktokcampusaudition.

Top five students with the most number of likes from each university will get the chance to win a scholarship of up to Php20,000 from Tik Tok. The winners will also be given the chance to perform onstage during the campus tour, grow their fan base, and become part of Tik Tok’s pool of influencers worldwide.

With the audition ongoing, Tik Tok will take the fun of creating videos with campus tours held during period August 4 to September 28. Tik Tok creators will enjoy the fashionable Dance and Dubbing booths, customized gifts, and hang out with their Tik Tok friends.

For the upcoming campus tour in the National University on August 4, Pinoy top bands 6 Cycle Mind, Better Days, Gracenote, and Banda ni Kleggy are set to perform for the students. To cap the campus caravan, Tik Tok will host a gathering of the winners of the schools which will be announced on a later date. The campus tour is made in cooperation with Vivo Philippines.

Top video entries from each school will be announced on IG@tiktok_philippine, FB@Tik Tok Philippines and TW@tiktokphilippines.

So, join Tik Tok now and be closer to becoming the next star!

P1,250 Lunch and Dinner Buffet Promo at Circles Event Café

Monday, July 23, 2018

Once in a while, I do not deny myself a splendid, gastronomic experience (may it be an a la carte or buffet set up). While I still do not have a well-developed palate for different worldwide cuisines, I still try to challenge myself in tasting a wide array of food to broaden my sense of taste.

The Circles Event Café at Makati Shangri-La offers a generous selection of international cuisine at P1,250 for lunch and dinner (net) until the end of July - an offer I simply cannot resist! 😛

I certainly had zero expectations in Circles since it's my first time to enjoy a five-star hotel buffet offering. With this in mind, I first did a quick tour of the café so I know what lies ahead of me, food-wise.

Goodbye Pesky Dark Spots, Hello Pynocare!

Sunday, July 22, 2018

You probably have an idea already of how much I love traveling. Whether it’s a local or international travel destination, I would definitely pack my bag in a heartbeat should there be a chance to seize the day in a different land.

But with traveling comes another concern, getting exposed under the sun! Dark spots and melasma are especially prevalent for people like me who bathe under the sun for extended hours of time without ample sunscreen protection. Yes, I get idle when it comes to retouching the sunblock in my face. Whoops!  

Two-day itinerary in Kyoto and Osaka Part 1

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

After my short but unexpectedly fun trip on Awaji Island, here I am now finally ticking the list of my dream Japan destinations one-by-one. For my second and third day stay, I've basically planned to immerse myself in the old Japan culture by visiting Kyoto and Osaka.

Just a back story, never in my wildest dreams have I thought of traveling abroad for leisure. I've always been the person to literally strive hard to achieve all my tangible wants in life. During this time, I'm still over the moon thinking what have I done in the past to deserve such blessings my way. 

Luminisce Awarded as one of Top Ultherapy Users in Philippines

Luminisce Holistic Skin Innovations recently received the ultimate award as one of the Top 5 Ultherapy users in the Philippines. The award was presented by Merz Aesthetics at the first ever Merz TALA Awards held at The Shangri-la The Fort.

ICYMI: What you missed at Starbucks recently

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

While I've been busy juggling work and blog these past few weeks, one thing's for sure: You'll spot me in a Starbucks cafe working on my pending articles. The dedicated customer service in this cafe is the main reason why I keep coming back to them. Also, the new concoctions and menu they come up with every season makes me even more excited for my Sbux weekly visits since I'll be trying on new food and drinks from them. 

4 things I like about the ASUS ZenFone 5Q

Sunday, July 1, 2018

I'm still in a mourning state because recently, my phone got heavily damaged after accidentally slipping my hand and fell into a bucket full of water. Having it fixed for three times already over the course of four years, I’ve decided to finally give up on this phone and search for a new one instead. 

Given the situation, ASUS was in a right timing when they asked me to review one of the ASUS ZenFone 5 line smartphone, the ASUS ZenFone 5Q, also known as the ASUS ZenFone 5 Lite.

After giving it a spin for a week or two, I’ve rounded up the things I like about this new smartphone.

Less than 24 hours in Awaji Island

Thursday, June 28, 2018

It's been a long dream of mine to set foot in Japan. I was so close to visiting this beautiful country last 2017 with my officemates if it weren't for my denied visa application. While this situation broke my heart, the rose-colored in me fought for this and made it happen a year after.

Here I am now writing about the first island I've visited in the land of the rising sun. 🗾

Since this is technically my first solo trip abroad, my anxiety was at its peak. From dropping my luggage in the counter, boarding the plane, down to the immigration screening in Osaka, I can't help but overthink and let the worst situations overseas get into me.

The day I learned that Yasi Pressman and I have the same birthdate

Sunday, June 17, 2018

I'm not new to sharing my birthdate with celebrities since I was young. Back then, I already found out that I celebrate the same birthday with Judy Anne Santos, then with James Reid, and just recently, Yassi Pressman.

My favorite local pizza chain, Greenwich, held a Hawaiian luau-inspired birthday bash to BFFs and May celebrants Yassi Pressman and Bela Padilla! It was an intimate gathering with the birthday celebrants' families, friends, and their lucky fan clubs. 😍

The barkada isn't complete without JC Santos and Robi Domingo hosting the event. Each of them brought their a-game in the games played, musical intermissions, and to Yasi's Hawaiian dance tutorial. I have to say Yasi's tutorial was my favorite segment because everyone had fun and their fans aced every move as well!

My 2018 Commodore’s Cup Regatta Experience

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Subic Bay holds a special place in my heart because it is the first place I’ve been to outside of Metro Manila. For about quite a number of years ago, my parents allowed me to join my first ever field trip at Olongapo back in grade school, without any guardian with me. One vivid memory that I have in this place is the time that I saw a sea lion kiss my schoolmate on the cheek during an entertainment show at Ocean Adventure.

Come April 2018, l added another fond memory to my Subic Bay list of experience because this time, I got an invite to witness the convergence of top-notch sailors all over the globe as they compete in the 2018 Commodore’s Cup Regatta in the premier yacht racing destination of the Philippines.

Singapore Airlines Privileges now include discount on SSI brands

Monday, May 7, 2018

Do you know that feeling when you're onboard a plane and you hear the voice in the background suddenly discussing the perks that come with your one-way ticket? Such an amazing feeling knowing that you're the money you spent on the flight is worth it. I kind of felt the same thing when I found out that Singapore Airlines partnered with Store Specialists, Inc. in Manila. 😍

Passengers of  Singapore Airlines or SilkAir can present their boarding pass (within one month of travel) to enjoy exclusive discounts on merchandise and other special offers at participating SSI brands. 

Just in case you don't know, SSI leads the specialty retailer category in the Philippines with an extensive portfolio of established international brands such as Samsonite, Kate Spade, Superdry,  Hugo Boss, Furla, and etc.

Patricia Villegas - The Lifestyle Wanderer - SSI Group - Singapore Airlines - Boarding Pass - Perks - Benefits-6

Brandstorm 2018 pushes the boundaries of beauty + flashback

Sunday, May 6, 2018

I've almost forgotten the feeling of "school spirit" up until I walked the grounds of Marco Polo's ballroom a few weeks ago. The hall was full of students and parents that are ready to support their bets for the L'Oreal Brandstorm 2018.

L’Oréal Brandstorm, simply called as Brandstorm, is L’Oréal’s signature business and innovation competition for students. It gives students from diverse backgrounds and degree programs the unique opportunity to put themselves in the shoes of an innovation leader for L’Oréal’s international brands and take on a business challenge on the world stage.

What I learned from spinning for the first time

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

It's fun realizing that we've gone out from the traditional thread-mill-and-lifts kind of workout. Nowadays, there are different variations of the typical exercises to make workouts more exciting. And one of them is spinning.

In celebration of the comeback of the Tuna Pie, Jollibee made the start of my summer an exciting one when they treat me to an indoor cycling, also known as spinning, together with other online media personalities at Ride Revolution in Steps Dance Studio, Poblacion, Makati City.  😍

With regards to my expectations in my first ever spinning class, I highly think that I can survive class because I can somehow ride into a rhythm knowing that I can somehow dance. What's bugging me is that I can't remember the last time I did cardio that's why I opted to just enjoy what's ahead of me and not pressure myself to release my maximum potential.

Patricia Villegas - The Lifestyle Wanderer - Spinning - First Time - Ride Revolution - Jollibee - Tuna Pie-1

Your guide to Starbucks this summer! (New cards, Frappes, Tumblers)

May 1 has kicked in and so is the scorching heat of the sun because of summer! I'm sure everyone's finding an escape from the intense heat. You can most probably see me lounging at (you've guessed it) Starbucks. HAHA For the past weekends, I've found myself staying in Starbucks to blog and work on different stuff. (Say hello should you see me in one of their branches).

Since we have no choice but to embrace summer, Starbucks has launched exciting stuff to make this weather more bearable. You've probably heard about their new frappuccino flavors: Tea-ramisu Frappuccino and the Midnight Mocha Frappuccino.

Patricia Villegas - The Lifestyle Wanderer - Starbucks - Get the Feels - Summer - Frappuccino - 2018 - launch-13


Monday, April 30, 2018

A family, however you define it, is essential at both a personal and societal level. Families feed our souls by providing security, love, and support. They’re our first introduction into navigating and nurturing relationships. Let’s face it, though; maintaining close family relations is not easy. It takes time, a lot of patience and loads of humor to create a healthy family life and to build a strong unbreakable bond between you and your children. With our busy lifestyles, it can be extra difficult to carve out the time necessary to create these bonds, but there are many ways we can use our home to facilitate this.

ICYMI: Canon's Newest DSLR, Mirrorless and Digital Cameras

Sunday, April 22, 2018

The thought of cameras makes my heart skip a beat because I'm a frustrated photographer. I've once dreamt of becoming a photojournalist for the school paper back in high school. However, things went the other way around because I didn't own a professional camera back then.

Shot with Canon EF 300mm 2.8L IS USM II
In college, I was able to borrow a Canon 50D from a friend and come up with my first ever photography portfolio. Since then, I was enamored with the vivid colors that a Canon camera can produce in an image. I also particularly love how affordable their lenses are compared to other camera brands.

Being a silent fan of Canon, I was ecstatic the moment I received an invite to a launch of their newest digital imaging products from DSLRs cameras, to mirrorless cameras, and compact digital cameras.

Patricia Villegas - The Lifestyle Wanderer - Canon - Philippines - EOS 3000D - EOS 1500D - EOS M50 - PowerShot G1X Mark III - Mirrorless -  DSLR - Digital - Camera -9
Like a kid in a candy store, I was in awe while staring at the display of Canon's lens collection. Aren't they nice to stare at? During the launch, we were allowed to give these lenses a try, but sadly, I don't have a Canon body with me. Duey of, being a good friend, captured this photo of me instead with the Canon EF 300mm 2.8L IS USM II.

Must try this summer: Creamsilk Fresh Hydration Conditioner + Review

Sunday, April 8, 2018

I've always resorted to shampoo and conditioner to maintain my tresses. I use shampoo every other day and the conditioner daily. Because of my everyday conditioner usage, I make sure to pick the best formula to make my hair manageable in whatever weather we experience.

I'm glad that for this summer, I've discovered a product that my hair surely loved: The Creamsilk Fresh Hydration Conditioner.

Cream Silk, the country’s leading haircare brand, unveils every Modern Filipina’s fresh new pick for the summer, the NEW Limited Edition Cream Silk Fresh Hydration. Designed specifically to combat summer-dryness, Cream Silk Fresh Hydration is the Customized Solution to keep your hair fresh and hydrated without the greasy feel for up to 24 hours.

ASUS ZenFone 4 Max Lite Review

Monday, March 26, 2018

After bringing the ASUS ZenFone 4 Max Lite to my different travel destinations, it's time to finally drop the verdict! Is this entry-level smartphone worth the investment for wanderers like me? Read on to know my impressions on the toned-down version of the battery king, the ASUS ZenFone 4 Max.

Worry-free wandering around Hong Kong with my phone

Sunday, March 18, 2018

I can't say that my last year's visit to Hong Kong was a splendid one because (1) I'm attending a conference which means I never got the chance to be in tourist mode, and (2) I experienced hiccups on my flight back to Manila.

That's why on my second trip to asia's world city,  I made it a point to make my visit as breezy as possible. I owe the chunk of my lightheartedness in the entirety of my latest travel to my latest smartphone: the ASUS ZenFone 4 Max Lite

Unconsciously, I took the navigator role in my group during my group's full day in HK. I've only been to this country once and I was the "kaladkarin" companion back then. Which is why for this day, I heavily relied on my phone for directions and on-the-spot online research (ex. what good restaurants to eat, nearby tourist spot, and etc.)

Patricia Villegas - The Lifestyle Wanderer - ASUS - ZenFone 4 - Max Lite - We Love Going Further - Battery King -9
Mana Café, Hong Kong's first vegan coffee shop, in PoHo District

First Japan Winter Experience: 11 Travel Essentials to not miss

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Just when I thought I researched thoroughly in preparation for the inevitable one-digit winter Japan weather, I still have to charge everything to experience and learn things along the way. Take the must-bring travel essentials for example, I know the things that I'll definitely be lugging with me. Yet, there are still stuff that I needed to get along the way to make the most out of my first ever trip to the land of the rising sun.

Daily Outfit

Patricia Villegas - The Lifestyle Wanderer - Travel Essentials Article - Heys brand - Wanderskye - Flytpack - Code - Daiso - Icoca -21

First of all, Accuweather said that the weather in Awaji Island during my stay is far more than the typical Baguio weather. I've never valued beanie, gloves, thick jackets, heattech, face mask, and boots this much in my life, tbh. 

My first mistake during this trip is that I relied heavily on my Nike Kaishi for the entirety of the trip. Only to realize that a single breeze can be the death of me because the shoes have holes to keep the feet ventilated. Haha All thanks to my big sister for lending me her extra pair of boots.

Nobu Hotel & DreamPlay by Dreamworks Experience

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

A few weeks before my much-awaited trip to Japan, the Blogapalooza team hit me up and asked if I'm down for a staycation at Nobu Hotel (a Japanese-themed luxurious hotel in City of Dreams Manila).

I thought to myself, "this is a good pre-game before my trip". That's why I immediately replied yes, packed my bag, and headed to Pasay for a staycation (with the parentals for the first time!)

Vivo unveils the all-new ‘V9’ AI-powered FullView™ display smartphone in the Philippines

Monday, March 5, 2018

Press Release - Global smartphone brand Vivo has revealed its all-new sleek and stylish V9 flagship unit at the City of Dreams Manila in a summer-themed unveiling that was attended by over 200 members of the press and other guests.

Vivo welcomed its guests late Thursday afternoon at the Wave, a contemporary poolside deck, restaurant, and bar so they can experience the V9 and take selfies and photos with the sunset as their backdrop. Vivo then picked one lucky and creative photo posted on Instagram to win a V9 unit.

Vivo executives led by Brand Director Annie Lim answered some of the questions of the media during the V9 press launch. 

Vivo introduces perfectly-priced new flagship V9 smartphone

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Press Release - Global smartphone brand Vivo has revealed that its new and powerful flagship smartphone, the V9, will be retailed at Php17,990 in Pearl Black and Gold.

The announcement was made by Vivo Junior Brand Manager Christian Jocson during Vivo's summer-inspired launch at the City of Dreams Manila on March 22.

The Vivo V9 is packed with features that make it a powerful and reliable smartphone for only Php17,990.

What are the perks that a Vivo V9 user will enjoy?

The Vivo V9 features a FullViewTM Display and 90% screen-to-body ratio with its 6.3-inch display and side bezels of 1.75mm. It delivers AI-powered photos with its 24-megapixel selfie camera and 16MP+5MP dual rear camera. The V9 is a sleek and stylish smartphone that can take the “perfect shot” and provide the “perfect view.”

Vivo's newest flagship smartphone is also equipped with the latest Android 8.1 OS and is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 626 octa-core processor, 4GB RAM, and 64 ROM.

All these and more at a price point of Php17,990. The Vivo V9 will be available for pre-order starting March 26 until April 5, 2018.

iPhone lookalike Vivo V9 to start pre-order on March 26

Friday, March 2, 2018

Press Release - Global smartphone brand Vivo will accept pre-orders of its new flagship phone, the V9, beginning March 26.

The announcement was made during Vivo's summer-inspired launch of the V9 at the City of Dreams Manila on March 22.

For those who want to be the firsts to get their hands on the Vivo V9, it will be available for pre-order starting March 26 until April 5, 2018.

Aside from getting first dibs on the Vivo V9, those who will pre-order the new flagship smartphone will enjoy an additional six months of warranty and an anti-theft Bobby Bag. These perks will give them an additional savings of Php4,990.

The Vivo V9 features a FullViewTM Display and 90% screen-to-body ratio with its 6.3-inch display and side bezels of 1.75mm. It delivers AI-powered perfect shots with its 24-megapixel selfie camera and 16MP+5MP dual rear camera. The V9 is a sleek and stylish smartphone that can take the “perfect shot” and provide the “perfect view.”

Vivo's newest flagship smartphone is equipped with the latest Android 8.1 OS and is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 626 octa-core processor, 4GB RAM, and 64 ROM.

The Vivo V9 retails at Php17,990 at all authorized shops nationwide. It is available in Pearl Black and Gold.

Win the new Vivo V9+!

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Press Release - The newly released Vivo V9 that boasts of a 90% Full-Screen Display and a 24-megapixel AI front camera, among other cutting-edge specs is every selfie lover’s dream smartphone. It was recently introduced in the Philippines at the City of Dreams on March 22.

Vivo is yet to give details about its new flagship smartphone’s official release date in the Philippines. But, it is generously giving away three Vivo V9 smartphones to its loyal followers.

The Vivo V9 with a 24-megapixel AI selfie camera can be all yours by answering the smartphone brand’s specific theme for the week with your story and your photo.

Topics for the following weeks: 

Week 1: March 25-31 - Perfect Shot 
What is your definition of a perfect shot? 

Week 2: April 1-April 7 - Perfect View 
Have you ever encountered a perfect view? 

Week 3: April 8-April 14 - Spot the Number 9 
Spot the Number 9 and take a selfie with it. 

Vivo will then determine the winning entries using the following criteria:

40% - Adherence to the weekly themes:
1.) Perfect View
2.) Perfect Shot
3.) Spot the number 9

30% - Visual Impact – Creativity and originality of entry
20% - Entry Message – Explanation of story behind the entry – should be in 2-3 sentences
10% - Image Quality – Sharpness, detail, contrast, and color rendition of the image.

All entries must be submitted at 12mn every Saturday of each promo week. Announcements of weekly winners will be made at 5pm every Tuesday after the promo week.

Entries with the highest score based on the criteria for judging will receive one Vivo V9 smartphone, the second highest scorer will get a Vivo Little V Speaker, and the third highest score will win a Vivo Notebook.

Visit to join the contest and to learn more about the full mechanics. The Perfect Shot, Perfect View is just a few steps away. Good luck!

Kilig the second time around with Kwentong Jollibee Valentine Series 2018

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

They say that love is sweeter the second time around. Does the same thing go for viral kilig videos, too? Jollibee made an attempt to once again capture the hearts of many by releasing another set of Valentine series that sure took the internet by storm. You’ll see later what I mean about this! :)

First off, I would like to express how enamored I am to see Chico Garcia and Delamar Arias together again for a hosting event. Being a silent fan of the morning rush, I gushed a little bit as I see them make their way towards the floor to kick off the event. 

Fun fact: The two of them, together with Gino Quillamor, interviewed me live on air for the Monster RX 93.1 Monster Scholarship Program last 2015. How time flies!

Look how intense the figures went just a few days after these shorts got released!

Vivo local endorsers KZ Tandingan, TJ Monterde wow fans in CDO

Monday, February 12, 2018

Press Release - Vivo local endorsers, singers, and real-life lovers KZ Tandingan and TJ Monterde on Saturday, February 17, charmed their fans at a post-Valentine’s Day show at Limketkai Atrium in Cagayan de Oro City.

The concert, which also featured The X Factor alumni Jeric Medina, Chandreena, and Shameena Moorjani as well as CDO-based Visayan pop singer Winset Jacot, was made possible through the support of global smartphone brand Vivo.

TJ Monterde and KZ Tandingan, in a rare occasion, held a concert together for their fans in CDO.

Get a system update to activate the Face ID Access in Vivo Y69

As one of the leading smartphones in the world, Vivo never stops innovating. It continues to add new features to its smartphone models even months after their release through the Vivo-exclusive Funtouch OS system.

One of Vivo’s noteworthy add-ons in the recent update is the Fingerprint Sensor in Y69, it has beefed up its security features with the latest Funtouch OS update. The Y69 is now equipped with the Face ID Access.

This feature allows users to unlock their phones quickly—by simply raising the smartphone in front of them. With the Face ID Access, users will no longer have to memorize passwords or patterns to open their Y69.

Y69 users will enjoy these perks right at their fingertips by simply updating their Funtouch OS system to the latest version.

Vivo, which is known for its selfie-centric revolutions, ensures that their phones are not only hip but also reliable. The Y69 models run on powerful processors to prevent bugs. The Y69, meanwhile, is powered by the MediaTek MT6750 with 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM. It can be support microSD Card up to 256GB.

Vivo Prides Itself for Innovations in Stonewall Security Features

Press Release - A lot of modern smartphones are adopting biometric security features in an effort to gather more users and patrons to support their brand. Vivo is no different and has pushed the envelope when it comes to innovation. Just recently at the Consumer Electronics Show or CES 2018, dubbed as the global stage for innovation, in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, Vivo took the spotlight as it introduced the world-first under-display fingerprint scanner in its smartphone. This ultra-modern technology simply registers a user’s uniquely patterned epidermis, and just like in futuristic movies, the screen would weave a pattern of blue light and the phone is instantly accessed.

Vivo’s new innovation, the world’s first under – display fingerprint scanner

Darren Espanto and Sassa Dagdag professes their love for Vivo V7+

Press Release - The Voice Kids Philippines alumni Darren Espanto and Sassa Dagdag are just starting. Even with albums and rewards under their names, these young singers’ careers have nowhere to go but upward. Darren, who finished second at the Voice Kids PH inaugural season, has two albums and a multitude of awards under her belt while Sassa, finalist of the show’s 2nd season, just recently launched her debut album and is enjoying a string of gigs and live performances. Darren and Sassa are also proud members of the Vivo Family, a roster of the top smartphone brand’s influencers. Both were introduced as part of the Vivo Family September last year.

Vivo is a global brand known for its selfie-centric smartphones which represent the brand’s mission of empowering self-expression of the next generation. It features the most advanced technologies, not only to the cameras but to all aspects, from photo shooting to display, helping media-savvy and social media devoted consumers to capture and enjoy their most significant moments. Vivo signed the hottest celebrities in the Philippines in an effort to extend the brand to the local consumers, especially the young and the hip.

Vivo celebrates Chinese New Year with the CNY Photo Contest

Press Release - To celebrate the Chinese New Year this 2018, Vivo launched a special photo contest but first involving a few well-known lifestyle bloggers for a first taste. Held last February 3 and 4 at Binondo in Manila, Vivo invited 18 lifestyle bloggers for an eventful Photowalk around the oldest China town in the world.

Rhea Bue and Katt Valdez

A Mix of Travel and Staycation | Bayfront Hotel Cebu Review

Sunday, February 11, 2018

After braving Cebu canyoneering with the Cyan Adventures team, our legs were wrecked to death that we needed a strategic place to stay given our current state. I can say that we literally walked like old people because we can't lift our legs that much. (that's actually how bad it is!)

It was a wise decision for us to stay at Bayfront Hotel Cebu for our remaining days in Cebu. 💕

Starbucks PH celebrates Lunar New Year with TDF Earth Dog merch

Monday, January 29, 2018

Starbucks Philippines has taught of the best possible way to kick off the new year! On their 20th anniversary, they surprised everyone with different earth dog merchandise to prepare for the lunar new year celebration.

Being a coffee and doggie lover combined, imagine my smile from ear to ear when this package came in the mail! One of the best packages I've ever received. Add to that the fact that I was born on the year of the dog! #quotana 😍


A returning favorite, I first saw the Starbucks Wafer Rolls on the same season last year. But this time, aside from coming up with a textured packaging and puppy illustration, the Starbucks Wafer Rolls now has three flavors: coffee, matcha, and hojicha. Don't let me choose which among the three I like the most because everything's just amazing. 😛

Patty Villegas - The Lifestyle Wanderer - Starbucks - Philippines - Okinawa Brown Sugar Latte - Salted Caramel Mocha Crumble - Lunar New Year 2018 - Earth Dog -5
Starbucks Wafer Rolls' contents: coffee, matcha, and hojicha flavors

Iloilo in a phone camera's lenses

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Because it's the Dinagyang Festival weekend, I can't help but recall my quick visit to Iloilo's main spots that you too can visit if you have a day or so to go around the city. I'm making this rundown exciting because I'm going to share my snaps with you using (as the title suggests) the Asus ZenFone 4 Selfie phone.

Asus challenged us during the We Love Photo PH media junket to use their phone to take photos. Since I have a penchant for photography, I can't help but be excited to show you the set of photos that came up with. Let me know if I did well on the challenge by dropping your comments below! ;)

Checking out Fort San Pedro located in San Pedro Drive in the domestic port area

8 Things to try in Cebu for first-timers

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

In reference to my other blog post here, last year was all about doing different firsts and I'm still over the moon just thinking about how everything transpired. Just like my trip to Cebu with Jonas, my expectations were kept to a minimum because I just wanted to enjoy my first visit to Cebu (and Visayas). And now, here I am sharing a thing or two on what to try in case you are also interested to visit the Queen City of the South.

How did I score the tickets to Cebu

Patricia Villegas - What to do in Cebu first timer - Go To Tops - La Vie Parisienne - Temple of Leah - Tops Lookout - House of Lechon - Magellan's Cross - Sto Nino church cebu -1

Early 2017, I heard about the Philippine Airlines' Seat Sale where I snag two roundtrip tickets to Cebu for Php 3k each only. Some may think that this is expensive for a domestic flight but come to think of it, I'm already riding with PAL where I get to have snacks on board and a 20 kg baggage allowance on a roundtrip flight. I'd say that's a steal already. 😍

Patricia Villegas - What to do in Cebu first timer - Go To Tops - La Vie Parisienne - Temple of Leah - Tops Lookout - House of Lechon - Magellan's Cross - Sto Nino church cebu -2.5

Where to go in Cebu

Temple of Leah

Dubbed as Cebu's Taj Mahal, Temple of Leah became an instant tourist destination when it was opened two years ago to the public because of its ancient Roman architecture and Doric columns design. 

Patricia Villegas - What to do in Cebu first timer - Go To Tops - La Vie Parisienne - Temple of Leah - Tops Lookout - House of Lechon - Magellan's Cross - Sto Nino church cebu -3.5

Apart from that, this must-visit shrine speaks of the undying love Teodorico Soriano Adarna has for his late wife of 53 years, Leah Albino-Adarna. Inside the temple are 24 chambers that hold Leah's collections such as antiques to books.

Patricia Villegas - What to do in Cebu first timer - Go To Tops - La Vie Parisienne - Temple of Leah - Tops Lookout - House of Lechon - Magellan's Cross - Sto Nino church cebu -9

Visit this shrine and be enamored of a love story that's bound to last more than our lifetime. 💖

Temple of Leah charges an entrance fee worth Php 50. However, senior citizens and children 10 years old and below are free of charge.