My 2017 Techie Goals!

Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 went by so fast, yes? Projects and tasks went hand in hand on my end that I realized how under-equipped I was in terms of gadgets and instruments.

As a content creator, I am always striving to create materials that are new and unconventional. (Believe me, I'm really trying) That's why I decided to invest in two major gadgets that I know I'll be utilizing this coming year..


Patty Villegas - The Lifestyle Wanderer - My 2017 Techie Goals - a

I admit it! I was a victim of Fujifilm's post about their Php 6,000 off on their cameras. lol To be fair though, I was eyeing a Fujifilm X-A2 this time last year because I badly want to convert from DSLR to mirrorless. God is so good because finally, I was able to get a Fujifilm X-T10 right before 2016 ends. Talk about upgrade!

Being surrounded by Fujifilm ambassadors online, I can tell that the photos they produce online are A+. I know, it's not the camera but the one who uses it, right? Now that I have a great camera onhand, there's no reason for me to produce bad photos on my blog. (That's the real goal!)

Now that I have a new camera, I'm letting go of my Nikon D3100 DSLR Camera. You can hit me up at for details. ;)


Patty Villegas - The Lifestyle Wanderer - My 2017 Techie Goals - b

I know you'll agree if I say that this year has been a great year for video bloggers. With the impressive contents that they put up online, they inspired me to create lifestyle and travel videos on my channel (check some of my works here). I usually go around town with my iPhone 6, that's why I figured out that it's wise to invest in a DJI Osmo Mobile. 

I was first introduced to this product back when I listened to Sir Carlo Ople's talk about content creation at the Smart Launchpad event for aspiring YouTubers (Rappler was streaming it via YouTube). With the greatness himself vouching on what this product is capable of, I just knew I had to get one for myself.

With the few months that I've been using it, I can tell that it's a fun gadget to play around with. The videos you can produce with a good smartphone is actually topnotch! Just keep in mind what the manual says, "This is a sophisticated product". THEY REALLY MEAN IT.

3 Holiday Looks with Maybelline New York

Friday, December 23, 2016

After weeks of stressful holiday rush, I'm finally back to blogging! <3 (Oh, how I miss writing for my blog..)

This holiday season is extra special for me because of these reasons, (1) my sister is back from Japan, (2) a big celebration is bound to happen in January, (3) it's the first time in years that my family will be complete for Christmas and New Year's day. 

Everything's happening so fast that I realized I wasn't able to keep up with all my load this month. That's why it's just right now that I had some play time with my current makeup products - most of which are from Maybelline New York. <3

Have you decided which look to sport for your upcoming celebrations yet? A look that you can sport for your family reunions, date night with your guy or night out with the girls?

Starbucks 2017 Planner Giveaway!!! (Extended)

Saturday, December 3, 2016

There's no denying that there are only three Sundays left before Christmas day. Wuhoo, too fast we didn't expect it to be coming real quick! hihi

The upcoming holiday celebrations this year truly excites me. How about you? How will you be spending your last stretch before 2017 comes? <3

Chit chats on the side first because now, I got exciting news for all of you! Because I am really thankful for the tons of blessings I've received this year, I'm sharing to one lucky wanderer the...

Starbucks 2017 Planner!

Who doesn't like to own the annual Starbucks planner, right? <3 It is a much-coveted planner both for fans and non-fans of the coffee brand. (me included!) If you feel like you won't be able to collect all the 18 stickers needed to redeem a planner, this giveaway is sooo perfect for you. ;) 

Contest Mechanics:

1. Share this blog post on your Facebook wall and tag five of your friends. Include the hashtag #TLWgiveaway (Tagging Pages and Public figures are prohibited.) 

2. Like / Follow / Subscribe on the ff. pages below:

3. Comment below once you're done with the ff. info: Name, Email Address, Link to shared post (make sure it is on public!) and the one thing you are most thankful for this year. :)

Note: This promo is open for Philippine residents only. The lucky winner will be picked through a random number generator. Make sure to follow the instructions diligently and submit your entries on or before January 1, 2017.

Note (12/30/16): This promo is extended until January 7, 2017. :D

Good luck everyone!