Apartment 8 Goes South!

Friday, May 29, 2015

Finally, the most awaited moment every girly southerner has been granted. Apartment 8 has officially opened its door at Alabang Town Center!

Patty Villegas-Apartment 8 Alabang-3

Ever since college, I've been stalking apartment eight's instagram account because of their lovely collection. From skirts, dresses, jumpsuits, to celebrities sporting their gorgeous pieces, never did I gotthe chance to not want something for yourself. I know you will too. The only thing that stopped me? They are located at Quezon City which I also consider as the "Far North".

Patty Villegas-Apartment 8 Alabang-2

Why Green-Colored Contact Lens Can Be Worn as Everyday Lens

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

I am one lucky girl for having clear brown eyes. Most of the time, people mistake me wearing contact lens especially when the sun is pointing towards me. This makes me take extra care of it because first, it's very sensitive. And at the same time, I want to preserve its natural beauty as well.

I was too afraid of wearing contact lens before because I've heard lots of horror stories about it. I've got a good vision that's why it never crossed my mind to purchase one for myself either. But now, it has become my addiction to wear not only the natural colors, but also brighter, yet subtle colors as well.    

Patty Villegas-Freshlook Contact Lens-4

Of course, I'll entrust a brand that is reputable enough when it comes to my eyes. Since I'm going to place contact lens merely for aesthetic reasons, only Freshlook Contact Lens made me switch opinions of wearing contact lens. 

Patty Villegas-Freshlook Contact Lens-1

Owl City Live in Manila Show at Bonifacio High Street

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

We've waited for this for along time and yes, it finally happened. Owl City just performed a free show at the Bonifacio High Street Amphitheatre last May 8.

Patty Villegas-Owl City 4


We were so excited that we went at the venue a little bit after 3 pm. Surprisingly, the other hoot owls came earlier than us. The line for Promo Ticket holders is already long by the time we were at High Street. Talk about dedication, right?

Even if we were at the gutter just outside the amphitheatre, I guess we already had a good view of the stage already.

Patty Villegas, Owl City, 7

White Ruffles

My search for the best off shoulder dress is finally over. The moment I saw this Off Shoulder Ruffle Dress at the Zalora App, I did not think twice and bought this piece for 1,999 php. It's a little bit pricey yet I have no regrets in buying it. It's plainly because I love every single detail of it. (I'm also thinking of writing a separate post about my online shopping experience at Zalora as well. What do you think?)

Patty Villegas-Owl City-OOTD-6

This White Ruffle Dress is like a blank canvas and I need not to over accessorize it. I was aiming for the preppy look and minimalist this vintage long necklace from Bea's Place gave justice to it.

Patty Villegas-Owl City-OOTD-3

Patty Villegas-Owl City-OOTD-5

Sunsilk Selfie Moment at Red Box

Monday, May 18, 2015

Every girl nowadays undeniably takes a selfie. (I'm guilty myself!) I guess one of the reasons why is that we feel beautiful and carefree.

Usually, I take selfies when I feel fresh or I just had my makeup done. But after along day, hell I wouldn't take any photo because I already feel hulas. 

Sunsilk proves selfie is better when done with confidence and with your friends around. With Sarah Geronimo, they encourage girls to take selfies to capture the fun in every moment and leave all hair worries behind.

Patty Villegas-Sunsilk Hairkadaoke-10

Sunsilk and Red Box partnered together to give the girls their #SunsilkSelfieMoment. I'm glad that I get to spend the night with my blogkada.

Patty Villegas-Sunsilk Hairkadaoke-9

Patty Villegas-Sunsilk Hairkadaoke-8

Backstage Access to TRESseme Runway Ready Fashion Show

For its second year, TRESemme is back with its Runway Ready Fashion Show to showcase the long hair trends brought by the country's top hair professionals paired with the SS 2015 collection from Manila's celebrated fashion designers.

Patty Villegas-Tresemme Runway Ready-19

Patty Villegas-Tresemme Runway Ready-20

Invited guests personally had a glimpse of hairstylists creating the top hair trends on the models before hitting the runway. Of course, they used the TRESemme Split Repair line to showcase the wonders of not needing to trim your hair to achieve split-free tresses.

Patty Villegas-Tresemme Runway Ready-14

Spend Summer at Banana Peel Summer in the City Event

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Hi wanderers! How's your summer going so far? 

Well for me so far, I'm still waiting for my last hooray this summer with my beach trip next week. But it's been weeks that I've been stucked at home. I sorta feel jelly for the people at Baguio now, to be honest. But! Good vibes got me when Banana Peel invited me to spend my summer in the city with different fun filled activities yesterday at UP Town Center. 

Patty Villegas-Banana Peel-17

From May 16 to May 17, everyone can purchase at Banana Peel's pop up shop just outside the amphitheatre to get a pass to enjoy freebies and exciting activities inside the venue.

Before anything else, you can stay connected at the free wifi from Sun Cellular to keep you updated while having fun with all the things going on inside the event.

Patty Villegas-Banana Peel-16

Snail Content on a Foam Cleanser? Why Not!

Friday, May 15, 2015

In this type of weather, it is inevitable to feel a little sticky - especially in the face. Don't you hate it when your face feels oily even just right after you went out of your house. I feel the same and I can't help but wash my face after a long day outside home (I also got a combination skin type which adds up to the pain).

I got a deluxe size of Tonymoly's Ferment Snail Foam Cleanser to try and keep my face dry and clear from impurities.

Patty Villegas-Tony Moly Ferment Snail Foam Cleanser-6

The 150 ml facial cleanser comes with an elegant golden box. It's plainly elegant in my eyes.

Patty Villegas-Tony Moly Ferment Snail Foam Cleanser-5

I got curious with the "fermented snail secretion" content and what does it do to my face that's why I made a little research about it.

"This super-healing mucus is rich in Allantoin, Glycolic Acid, Glycosaminoglycans, Proteoglycans, Elastin, hyaluronic acid and Collagen. It works as in many ways providing moisturizing, anti-oxidant, protective and regenerate benefits. It has also been found to be beneficial in the treatment and management of scars, minor abrasions, acne and wrinkles."

Source: http://www.newdirections.com.au/articles/article.php?aid=88

In short, it just doesn't moisturize our skin, but also makes it healthier and helps manage our acne scars as well. What a wonder product!

Patty Villegas-Tony Moly Ferment Snail Foam Cleanser-3

Given that this product has a "snail" content, I thought the foam cleanser would be slimy in a sense but it actually isn't. It has a citrusy smell and is easy to lather. 

I usually use this tad bit after I reached home, still with my makeup on. I'm a fan of gel eyeliners and no wonder I was able to remove it easily just by using this cleanser alone. I also felt my face tighten few moments after I towel dried my face.  

Patty Villegas-Tony Moly Ferment Snail Foam Cleanser-2

This is the first product that I tried from TonyMoly and I wouldn't mind purchasing another one after consuming all of this. I felt the oiliness in my skin lessened plus less acne at the same time! 

For real time updates from TonyMoly, you can check their facebook page here.

Patty Villegas-Tony Moly Ferment Snail Foam Cleanser-4

Yellow Cab Pizza Co. Reopens at Mezza Sta. Mesa!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Mezza Residences found at the corner of Aurora Boulevard and Araneta Avenue has a special place in my heart because this is where my college friends and I hang around every time we look for a great place to chat.

Recently, I just found out that the Yellow Cab just reopened their store few weeks ago and I cannot miss the opportunity to visit their newly-renovated store.

Patty Villegas-Yellowcab Mezza-4

Patty Villegas-Yellowcab Mezza-12

Fujifilm Instax Mini 25 Versus Instax Mini 8

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

We cannot deny how sentimental people can get when they see printed photos of memories in an album. On this generation though, we are catered by the cameras on our mobile phone and most of the photos are now uploaded via an album on Facebook. As for a photo enthusiast like me, I still love the fact that I have hard copies of a memory captured through a camera. And that's one of the reasons why I fell in love with Instax cameras so much!

Just a month ago, I'm blessed to own not just one, but TWO different units of Instax Cameras - The Mini 25 and Mini 8.

Seeing the box itself, the packaging does not look much different from the other units. I'm just quite bothered by the Comic Sans font. Lol.

Upon unboxing, you can see the following inside: (Left to Right)
  • 1 pc. Instax Mini 25 Camera (of course)
  • 1 pc. Fujifilm Warranty Card
  • 1 pc. Close-Up Lens with casing
  • 1 pc. Camera Strap
  • 2 pcs. CR2 / DL Batteries
  • 2 pcs. Instax Mini 25 Instruction Manuals

Patty Villegas-Instax Mini 25 Review-8

4 Things to Experience When in PUP

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Finally, I was able to finish college at Polytechnic University of the Philippines. But it's been past 2 weeks since I graduated yet it feels like I'm unemployed for a month already. At the same time, separation anxiety with my classmates and PUP is also sinking in. At times like this, I just recall some of the must-experience things in the university.

Philippine National Railway (PNR) Train

Patty Villegas-PUP-1

Expect loads of people during rush hour because of it's uber low fare and travel time. (You can ride the train from Manila to Sta. Mesa for 20php only!) Some PUPians even consider this as their main transportation to and from their home. 

Never experienced riding a PNR? Here are some few notes to remember.

1. Be mindful of the arrival time of the train. As far as I recall, the train from Sta. Mesa arrives every 22nd and 52th minute every hour. The last ride and Sta. Mesa is at 7:22 pm.

2. Always bring a fan with you. The air conditioning system of the trains can be quite unpredictable sometimes.

3. As much as possible, ride the train on dead hours. Ladies are a tad lucky because they have a coach exclusive to them. 

4. Be mindful of your things. As much as possible, place your bags in front of you to prevent getting robbed. I actually got a friend who lost his PSP upon riding the PNR. 

Patty Villegas-PUP-5