Aqua Mineral Bondate + Total Silk Body Scrub and Blissful Body Butter Review

Thursday, November 27, 2014


Prior to the actual day of this bondate with co-bloggers, the name of the brand, Aqua Mineral, seemed familiar to me. I just can't remember at first how I became knowledgeable about it.

Only to find out that I've been seeing their kiosk at Alabang Town Center. How will I not forget about it. They have a very fragrant kiosk with smiling attendants. The thought of going to the product's actual launch at the Gramercy Cafe put that smile on my face as soon as I realized everything.

Teppanyaki Xpress

Saturday, November 22, 2014

It's a busy day for me on the day I was invited at Teppanyaki Xpress for a Foodie meetup. It was my first a perfect lunch since I am on the grind since that morning. 

Teppanyaki Xpress is located at Fisher Mall at Quezon Ave. Northerners be glad. Delectable teppan dishes are at your reach! Wish they'll have a south branch, too. 

The Azta Urban Salon Giveaway Winner Is..

Monday, November 17, 2014

Congratulations Aiza! You just won my Azta Urban Salon Giveaway! Expect a message from me as soon as you read this blog post. :)

I would like to thank every single reader who read and supported my blog from day 1. I hope that after this giveaway, you'll still drop by my blog for quick reads of what's happening around the metro. 

As for the other wanderers who weren't lucky this time, I promise you that I have another giveaway that will run before the month ends. And I'm sure that you'll also gonna love it!

I am overwhelmed with all the entries that this giveaway has received that's why there'll be another one upcoming real soon. Better watch out for that. 

This is my reminder though. The next time that you join, make sure that you do the required entries for the giveaway. I have to disqualify the first two "supposed to be" winners for not following the required directions. It's kinda sad but I have to be fair and just to all the readers who are joining the giveaway.

Till my next giveaway!


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

I Showered With Dial Coconut Body Wash + Review

For people who are of my age bracket, I know that at some point in your life, Dial Coconut Soap has been part of your bath time. It's now back, and I think it'll be back for good!

Soap products come and go, each brand claiming a uniqueness that sets it apart from its competitors, be it an extra ingredient for cleansing or a supposed cutting-edge solution for certain benefits. However, in the end, perhaps the true test of a winner is time, a brand that has lasted for a long time, been relished by many generations, and yet keeps reinventing itself in the process.

This is the "Coco" that everyone has been talking about lately.

The Dial Coconut Water Bath Wash and Soap.

Runway Looks To Cop This Holiday Season

Monday, November 10, 2014

At the recently concluded Philippine Fashion Week (PhFW), Forever 21 was the first fashion brand to rule the catwalk at this year's series of shows. Since Forever 21 is one of my favorite brand, (and since it's their first time in PhFW) I didn't missed the chance to see what they got on their latest collection.

And guess what? I may have just found the looks that I'll be copping for the couple of days before the year ends. 

If ever you're still in search of the style that would be a part of your annual list of must-buy-clothes this christmas, you may wanna take a peep below and see what suits your style best.

100th Post: I'm A Monster Scholar!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

I've never, ever dreamt of having myself heard on the national radio. Until the day I got interviewed because I am one of Monster RX 93.1's scholars for this semester.