Laid back Wednesday

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

I was privileged to hear some ladies from the Style Bible PH at a BDJ event few months back.  They were the one who said to never be afraid of investing on basics because you can still play on it with different accessories. 

Since you already knew my love for sheers, here's another addition to my collection. Yes, another sheer top for my OOTD. But this time around, I acquired a white one.

I really don't like buying white pieces of clothes because 1) They're hard to clean, 2) I do my laundry, 3) Stains can be easily noticed and 4) They discolor after months time just like other clothes. But these conditions were disregarded when I saw this top from Mommy Arnie's rack during Blogger's United 7. 

This sheer closed-neck top is already one of my go-to tops whenever I wanna achieve that smart-casual look. Perfect for strolling at malls and a sudden meeting with your bosses. 

I also like the fact that you can roll 'em up if ever you feel a little hot. Dude, it's the Philippines. Weather can be quite moody that's why this top is some sort of a versatile one. 

Japan’s Best-Kept Longevity Secret Revealed!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Just saying, i'm really a fan of anything Japanese. Good culture, kawaii everywhere, interesting manga, healthy lifestyle, awesome food options and their life-span. It actually crossed my mind why is it that we’re also an Asian country but still, they are one of the people who live well beyond their years across the world?

Last September 23, 2014, Fine Japan Co., Ltd. revealed the secret of Japanese to achieving flawless and youthful skin, and at the same time, acquiring the longevity when it comes to their age number.

Fashion Icon Ines de la Fressange Collaborates with Uniqlo’s Fall Winter Collection 2014

Saturday, September 27, 2014

It’s that time of the year again—Time to flaunt your Fall Winter pieces! But the problem is, do you have any good clothes for the Fall season? (Well, technically, we don’t have a Fall season in the country!)

Well, I don’t have lots of good Fall collection pieces. That’s why it became a delight to know that Uniqlo just launched their Fall Winter 2014 Collection. But this is not your typical Fall Winter Collection. For the second time around, the French Fashion Icon Ines de la Fressange collaborated with Uniqlo to bring the esprit and elegance like her first collection with the said brand.

Beauty Review: pH care V-zone Trimmer and Shaver

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Here's our subject for today. A loot full of hygienic kit especially made for our area "down-there" courtesy of pH care. 

This topic may be a bit sensitive for some, but I have to suggest that we girls should be really knowledgeable about how to properly take care of our v-zone.

For example, do you know that having hair on our intimate area can create an environment that harbors bacteria if ever not maintained properly (which causes odor)?

Ask yourself now, how do you take care of your sensitive area?

Included in the loot bag are: The Vzone by pH Care Bikini Trimmer, The Vzone by pH Care Bikini Shaver, a bottle of pH Care Intimate Wash, 1 pH Care key chain, sachets of pH Care Intimate Wash and Wipes, an eco-friendly pouch

Who Says Floral

Monday, September 1, 2014

Hello again! I'm starting the ber month season with an outfit post! Wohoo! 

Here's a little trivia about me: When I shop for clothes for an upcoming event, the only thing that pleases me is a floral dress. I have various of floral prints in my closet waiting to be photographed. :)