My Major Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger Influences of 2013

Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 indeed is a great year for me when it comes to the blogging scene. I got opened to this new kind of world that definitely became one of my passion as time passes by. 

As 2013 ends, I'd like yo give thanks to this awesome people who made to my list as "My Major Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger Influences of 2013"!

Disclaimer: This list is not in particular order babe! :)

1. Krissy Cruz

She was one of the first blogs that I've been anticipating since June 2013. I love the thought that she's a book geek but very fashown as well. :) And our love for The Hunger Games brought us together. I actually get to finally meet her at Shangri-La during the special screening of Catching Fire. Thanks Nuffnang and PLDT Home. :))

2. Ana Gonzales

Hands down to this lady because she pursued her love for fashion even though she finished a journalism course at UST. She taught me a lot on how to maximize my blog and how to build strong friendship from it. She's very cool, too! I thought it'll be awkward in our first meeting at Tony and Jacket but hell no! We got along and we shared lots of stories to each other. Big sis talaga! 

I love the feeling when we talked about different stuff over comfort food and cold latte. From being the Fashionista Commuter to the Blogkadas, I've learned something from it. :) 

Have fun in US! :)

3. David Guison

Omaii! I wasn't expecting this big guy at our seminar in Baguio. Well, we have a loving chairperson that's why DG had a talk during one of our seminars there. It was a different setup since he was like a teacher at the stage teaching the students about Blogging 101.

I though I already know a lot about blogging but David sure tackled a lot more! One thing that I learned from him is that, find what category do you want to blog, "Jack of all trade doesn't work in a blog because you got to create an image for your blog."

It's very funny because after this encounter with David, I dreamed about him few times. I guess he just made a huge impact on me. <3

4. Sarah Tirona

Everytime I get to see her on different events, she never fails to Wow me! I swear, I love your gladiator sandals in this photo so much!

What I love about her blog is that she keeps it cool and simple so that anyone can enjoy reading her blog. Plus, I anticipate her beauty posts much because through her, I get acquainted to nice beauty products that I don't hear that much before. :)

5. Patricia Prieto

Eversince I saw her style in BU4, I couldn't help but look after more of her OOTD at her blog. It's just my kind of style. Sometimes girly, but more of the edgy type. 

Plus, I so love the layout of her blog because it really looks like a magazine with her as the cover girl everyday.

Another thing that I love about her blog because she covers her Music Festival experience like the Governor's Ball. As a music enthusiast, I felt like I've been to the festival abroad for free! Hoping to see more of your music fests experience. :))

6. Camille Co

Of course Camille! When I look for girly pegs, I usually search for outfit mix and match at her blog.She was such an inspiration because she also designs gowns. But among all her designs, the dress she wore during her graduation made a huge impact on me. It's like, "I wanna design my own clothes for my graduation" or "I hope Camille can design me one" lol. :)))

7. Laureen Uy

I was so stoked when I saw her set of accessories at the Goody Event in MOA Atrium. It was like a pieceof heaven in my eyes. Like a dream come true.

The moment I saw her, I already felt like I saw myself in her. She wears simple clothing pieces with a great ensemble of accessories. If I have troubles with how to pair up different kinds of accessories, I just check out her blog.

One great thing about Break My Style is that it has became an application. Sadly, it is not yet available in the Google Play Store. I hope it becomes available soon. :)) 

8. Mikki Galang

First thing that comes to my mind when I see the word Mikki Galang--HAIR AND MAKEUP! :) I just love how adventurous she is when it comes to makeups.Through her, I also get acquainted with make up brands that suits my taste.

I hope I can attend one of her makeup workshops one of this days to learn more about makeup.

9. Paul Chuapoco

Hands down to this guy for being nominated on the recently concluded Visual Style Awards 2013. With that being said, rest assured his blog posts surely becomes a hit to his readers.

Because I study Advertising and Public Relations, I always look forward to the different events that he's into. Like when I see his blog posts, all I can think of is that PR is a fun industry to be in. :)

He's a Camera guy and you know how I feel about Camera guys, right?  Hahaha!

10. Arnie Villanueva (aka Mommy Arnie!)


And she's the reason why The Lifestyle Wanderer was born. It was in her birthday celebration over at Tea 101 when I first met her. (The Wintermelon Tea there is really awesome by the way!)

It was kinda awkward at first because I am so new  to blogging when I first met her. But prior to her celebration, I am already fond of reading her blog posts.

If there's one thing that she said that really made a mark on me is that, "Perks just comes as a bonus in Blogging. What matters most is that you do the art of blogging and that is to write about your interests in life".

By the way, Congratulations Mommy Arnie because you have a new baby! The Style Code Ph. :) I love the pieces so far! Great job, mum!

I just wanna say a million thanks to every blogger that I've had a chat with this 2013. All of you indeed inspire me to become a better blogger everyday! You taught me different aspects of blogging that I should definitely bear in mind. :)))) 

That's it for 2013 friends! I hope it'll be a great year ahead to all of us! 
My wish for 2014? Uhhh, For the Philippines in general to retain our resiliency amongst all the challenges that will come.

It has been a fruitful 2013. Advance Happy New Year Blogosphere! :)

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