What’s it like to be in Sta. Mesa

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

If only you knew how the flood easily rises every time it rains in Sta. Mesa, Manila.
I study at Polytechnic University of the Philippines. Since Freshmen Days, I’m already aware that Sta. Mesa is a catch basin. This made me decide to find a dormitory so that I have a place to stay in every time the rain is about to pour real hard.  Having a place near my school is very helpful especially because I don’t want to commute every day.

I hate my Monday schedule. Would you ever consider a 6:00-9:00 pm class every Monday? Maybe. But in my case, it was 6:00 pm last night and it was raining very hard. I’m afraid that classes might get suspended and I’ll regret that I ever went to school on a Monday. Good thing my professor came. She is witty, yes. But then as she keeps on blabbering, the rain pours harder and harder. I can see people waiting for a suspension or maybe an early dismissal. Until my friend received a text message, “Suspended na daw.” I don’t know if I will tell my professor that she have to stop talking or we’ll all end up stranded because of the great flood that awaits us.
I decided not to tell her because I want to make my first class a worthy story to tell when someone asks me about it. Well, my classmates didn’t tell her anything either, so I don’t blame myself for that. I’m with my two friends the moment we came out of the school building-Alexis and Jhean.

As we were about to reach the gate, Jhean suddenly suggested that we should eat some “porridge” (lugaw) since it’s pretty cold and she already missed it. Alexis liked the idea but I was thinking twice because I know that we will end up wet since we need to go through the flood. 

They can’t be tamed. So we all decided to walk towards the Lugawan.
We were walking when I came to realize that my friends are wearing their most loved shoes. Jhean is with her DIY shoes while Alexis is wearing her Red Pony Sneakers. I am quite thankful because I’m wearing my slipper sandals. J All of a sudden, we were shouting on the streets because we don’t want our feet to get wet. Though I know that’s quite impossible to happen. We went through it until I saw this frog hopping in front of me. Since I’m not a fan of reptiles or amphibians, I’m too hesitant to walk ahead.  But then I can’t stay there forever, so I chose to walk through the other side.

First challenge. Cross the street with a flood that’s about an above-ankle height. They don’t want to risk their shoes getting wet so we were standing there for like minutes until a pedicab came. They asked the pedicab driver if he can cross us through the street. I’m glad he was kind enough to let us be on his cab. We were thanking him after we got to the other side of the road. (Look how dedicated we were in eating porridge.)
We were already walking on the street of my dormitory at that time hoping that the store is open. Yes, we were uncertain about the availability of the Lugawan. Until we saw another flood in front of us, another challenge came to our senses.

Second Challenge. Cross the flood by stepping on a rock placed by a concerned man who saw us deliberating on how can we get to the concrete road. Jhean was the first one to leap through the rock. She lost her balance upon stepping on it which made her shoe wet. Alexis came next. The man placed another rock because of what happened to Jhean. In short, Jhean was the guinea pig. (kidding!) Then, my turn came, it was a success!
Then, we were walking through the concrete road. Finally, we saw the Lugawan. It’s open!! But, the problem is, it’s on the other side of the road. Again, we have to go through that flood so that we can finally feed our hungry tummy. It’s funny how we were shouting to the vendor because we badly want to eat. He said that we have to cross so that we can eat. Ugh!

FINAL Challenge. Cross that street so that we can finally eat!!
 There was a tricycle heading towards us. Another savior! The driver was also kind to help us with our dilemma. The three of us were in the backseat plus the driver. Imagine how imbalanced that tricycle was. The sidewalk is not flat, instead it was slope. Until the tricycle was about to lose its balance, the driver shouted, “Bumaba na kayo!” I don’t know if he was mad or not, but he made me immediately went off to his tricycle. I hate to say this but as I stepped down, there’s still the flood down there. My feet is really soaking wet by then. Jhean and Alexis saved their shoes. And finally, we get to eat porridge. J

We were all savouring the moment by then. We were so happy chatting while eating our food. We can’t believe that we had to do everything for a porridge. 

Or is it just that they serve really delicious porridge that’s why we took such risk. J

Living The Dream

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

 Ever since childhood, I always want to dress up to express my passion for fashion. I have the thing for floral dresses, lacy dresses and different patterns as well. I would always want to explore how far can I go when it comes to Fashion.

I want to be a Model before. (Cray as it may sounds but I really do) Circumstances just tells me that I just can't. I never thought I'd be posing in front of the camera until I began my studies in Advertising. People on this industry tends to amaze me with the  way they carry themselves. It's their clothes that compliments them so much. (Plus, the accessories!)

We had a fun photo shoot last June 11, 2013 taken at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines. Here are the sample shots. :)

I'm very thankful to my ever-loving friends whose always at my back supporting whatever I want to do.

I will also take this opportunity to thank Jheannalou Torre for being my greatest photographer ever. You deserve the floor. *Claps!

Thank you so much, Jhean! :)

I'm hoping to post more of my #OOTDs soon!


Bazooka Rocks 2013: Rocker’s Most Awaited Event of the Year

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Music is one of the things that I will never give up for anything else. I got inclined to it ever since I was in Elementary. I sing a lot, (even had my first original song being recorded) I play the guitar, I know some piece on Piano, I play the Lyre, and I’m also a bassist of my band Lunchbox.

If you’re going to ask who are my major music influences, it’ll be All Time Low, Paramore, Mayday Parade, and We are the In Crowd to name a few.

They came here in the Philippines before and sad to say, I’ve never been to one of their concerts. Seriously. The reason why I wasn’t able to rock with them was that, by the time they went here, I wasn’t a fan yet. But for the bands like Mayday Parade and We are the In Crowd (who is both on a one-night concert recently) I didn’t get the chance to see them perform because of some priorities I have to attend to.
It was like my world is going to fall apart because these are my favorite bands and yet I didn’t grab the opportunity to at least see them on this country of ours. Until one day it happens.

I saw this post of my classmate with the caption “Pangarap ka nalang ba, o magiging katotohanan pa?”
I was at awe. I saw the poster of Bazooka Rocks. (I already have the idea that it’s a concert produced by Pulp)

As I look for the line up, I am already screaming on my head because I saw All Time Low being their front liner. 8D

Then the other bands are as follows: Anberlin, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, We Came As Romans, Tonight Alive, RadioDriveBy, and UchuuSentai: Noiz.

This also caught my attention. It’ll be the last night of A Rocket to the Moon on the Philippines because the band is about to separate ways. 

Filipino Bands like Save Me Hollywood, Faintlight, Mad Hatter Day and Penguin will be gracing the event.
Bazooka Rocks is to be held on August 25, 2013 at the SMX. Since we all know that in the Philippines, the country can still be experiencing some rain shower from different tropical storms by this month of the year.
Guess What? There will be only one section for everyone! This is called the One Massive Pit. Everyone will be rocking the place with the convenience of air condition around the place.

I know it’s going through your mind right now whether or not you’ll get the chance to have a picture and autograph of your favorite band. Of course, you can! You can avail of the Fast Pass ticket which costs P 840.00.

Here's the performance schedule. :)

14 hours of Live Music. One Section for everyone. This is going to be an event you should really prepare for.

Tell me when you’re going and see you when I see you.


Ladies Never Admit They Need This: Starting up a Makeup Kit

I saw this one article by Ms. Regina Belmonte. It’s all about the five must-have items in your makeup kit. I’ll try to interpret it the collegiate way.

Before I go through this article, I just wanted to point out the common misconceptions some girls have in regards to makeup.

  • Makeup is for ‘kikays’ only. Not true. Makeup was created for everyone to enhance their prime assets-the FACE. It can be worn everyday in order to establish a brighter and lighter face.
  •   People tend to be judgmental about ladies who always put makeup. I guess it’ll be right to judge someone about her makeup when it doesn’t fit the event that she’s about to attend. For example, you saw someone wearing a heavy makeup on an evening occasion. On situation like this, it is always best to keep down your makeup and maintain that natural look people would love to see rather than making your face look like a color palette.
  •  You don’t need makeup. I don’t think so. In this kind of environment wherein everything seems to be stressful nowadays, you should need something to lighten you up and build that confidence to pump up your day. (I don’t know why but I always get the feeling of being more confident after putting makeup on.)
  •  Makeup means to put lots of stuff on your face. Nope. Five-items ain’t that lot, right? Two things why I think girls whine about this: Maybe they’re time savvy or they hate the heavy feeling on their face or they’re just allergic to makeup. Application of these stuffs can take you at least 5-10 minutes. I think that wouldn't take much of your time, would it? (See example below.)There are other types of makeup that gives you that light feeling you always wanted. I would prefer you using powder instead of the cream type so that you can eliminate the heavy feeling. Girls who are allergic to makeup can use organic makeup or Mineral makeup to lessen allergic reactions. But it will still be helpful if you seek your derma’s opinion FIRST before using anything on your face. I don’t wanna get blame for that.   

Okay, Now that I had clarified some stuff about Makeup, we shall now go through the article by Ms. Regina.

The five must-have items in your makeup kit as to her are:  eyebrow definer, an eyelash curler, mascara, concealer, and a lip and cheek tint.

If you’ll try to notice the five items, most of them are placed in the eye area. I think it’s because our eyes tend to speak for ourselves most especially when we can’t find the words to express our feelings. Try to observe someone who is sick, it is their eyes that tell how sick they are. Defining your eyes can make your face look livelier.

Eyelash curler and mascara can make your eyes look bigger. No need for eyeliner. Well, eyeliner is basically used to set eyes on the mood upon the occasion you’re attending.

Concealer. Well, you need to cover up these dark circles to make you instantly less tired. For college students, we have to accept the fact that we have to stay up for something that’s school-related. Another day in the University means another stress that’s about to be absorbed. Cover up that dark areas and blemishes to brighten up your face. Just make sure you find that right shade that suits you.

Lip and Cheek Tint is something that I haven’t tried yet. But I’m sure it’ll be very useful especially if you prefer bringing clutches and small bags with you whenever you go. It’s handy and it gives you the healthy color you want to achieve.

Disclaimer: You should try to canvass for some makeup brands who give a good price in return of a good quality. Makeup can be costly, too. Bear that in mind.

Here is my recommendation: The Collection Cosmetics Philippines

United Kingdom's most fashionable make up brand is finally here in the Philippines. People, you should know that they sell their cosmetics for such affordable prices. We'll be the best products to fill your makeup kit. Their Grand Launch will be on June 19, 2013. I hope these great people from The Collection Cosmetics Philippines will invite me over on their grand launch and hopefully give you people a virtual tour of what’s about to happen on that big day. 

I saw this instructional material that suits us college ladies to maintain that everyday natural look that certainly came from The Collection Philippines.

Like them on Facebook: Collection Cosmetics PH
or Follow them on Twitter: @CollectionPH

Acquire that stuff you need to achieve your desired everyday look and surely people will notice you in such a complimentary way.

Remember, makeup is used to enhance your natural assets but it doesn't mean that after using it, you’ll be prettier you wish to be. That’s a fallacy.


What Obliquities Do

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

So here it goes. My first real blog.

As you can see, the name of my blog is On my Bucket List:  Blogging. It’s mainly because ever since, I wanted to write all my thoughts, and Blogging I think is the best platform for that. But, I was too timid to do this before because of some past related experiences that eventually affected me as a writer. Good thing, for some reason, I got over it and i'm finally putting a check mark on my bucket list.

This interest finally triggered when I attended Blogger’s United Five.

Before anything else, I would like to thank Samuel Cabilte for showing me the whole blogging industry. It is a world I never thought I would belong. 

I went to Blogger’s United 4. It was the first time I'd ever heard of them. Bloggers United are a group of  bloggers merged together to inspire people when it comes to fashion, social life, events and photography.
It was a great experience especially because I am with my closest college peers.

After BU4, I started following Bloggers United on twitter to get daily updates from them.  

Eventually, #BU5 was announced and I didn’t hesitate to prepare for it by getting the latest updates. 

Until few weeks before the event, I’m very happy because I won on one of Bloggers United ‘s games on twitter. The game #NameThatShade2 wherein I got a free nail art courtesy of Beauty and Butter. Plus, Arnie Villanueva  and School of Satchel™ gave me passes that’s why I also invited my sisters at the event.

The moment I went to Function 3 of SMX, the long line of people waiting for their turn to get their tix caught my attention. So thankful that the three of us are on the Guest List.

People inside the Function Room were too busy looking for great deals. Bloggers here and there are chit-chatting, bargaining, and taking pictures together with their fans. No wonder people were so hyped with BU. It is mainly because they’re all fashionistas with a humble heart. 

I had my nail art done later on. Bought a floral dress that my sister wanted for me. And an earring with a camera design which makes my jaw dropped.

Pazzo Jeans also had this promo that if you give them an old pair of jeans, they’ll be replacing it with a new one.

It was a very hot and tiring day but all the efforts paid off.

Every blogger inside that function hall mesmerized me and eventually made a huge impact on me.

I am now writing blogs and hopefully be as successful as these bloggers are. :)