My Major Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger Influences of 2013

Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 indeed is a great year for me when it comes to the blogging scene. I got opened to this new kind of world that definitely became one of my passion as time passes by. 

As 2013 ends, I'd like yo give thanks to this awesome people who made to my list as "My Major Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger Influences of 2013"!

Disclaimer: This list is not in particular order babe! :)

1. Krissy Cruz

The Debate over the Shades of Blue

Thursday, December 12, 2013

On my daily life, I always know that a nice tied hair plus a great combination of top and jeans would already make my day. I mean, they're such a nice combination, right? And at the same time, whatever weather comes ahead ( it maybe humid or hot on that day), just add an additional ensemble and they'll give you the comfort to survive your day. :) 

So, here's what I wore on one of my internship at Sister Secrets

I always tie my hair during my internship because it helps me focus on my work since my hair is not all over my face. But in this post, you'll see the difference of my hair tied and untied. :)

Since I commute everyday going to office, I prefer a clothing that is flexible wherever I am in. Good thing that I've found this really nice jeans from Giordano! They're stretchy and very comfortable I have to say. So, it's definitely my favorite jeans now. :)

Shimmering Splendid

Sunday, December 8, 2013

If you saw my post about the launch of SM Accessories over at the New Megatent, you'd probably  know that I went there. (duuuh) And I was with friends from the internship I'm currently at. I'm glad that my internship over at Sister Secrets taught me lots of things that I would definitely use in real time.

Meet some of the lovely gals that i'm with during the launch. And yeah, Ms. Karen Bordador is there because she is my boss. Too good to be true, huh? :)

Visit the Boracay of the North! (Cagayan Valley Day 4)

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

I just wanna share my one of my most cherished trip from the North. I think I really fell in love with this not-so-hidden paradise at Sta. Ana, Cagayan. 

So we are on our way to Nangaramoan beach because it will be our jump off point to Anguib Beach (Boracay of the North) and Pozo Robo Beach. The road going to the beach is just so calm and beautiful.

Little Chit-chat with a New Friend

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Yayy! Finally get to meet my first blog giveaway winner! I introduce you to Fati Recede! :)

A Tour at Blogopolis 2013: #IntoTheWild

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I was lucky to be a part of Nuffnang's  biggest event this year, Blogopolis 2013: #IntoTheWild, held at Intercontinental Hotel! Nice theme, right? But do you know that the WILD actually means something? WILD stands for Weaving Informations for the Leaders of the Digital World.

This event was anticipated by students, bloggers,  social media influencers, media, brands and agencies.

We all know that the Philippines got hit by the Typhoon Yolanda that's why the proceeds of the event went to the Philippine Red Cross to help the people in need especially in the Visayas area. 

ODM Watch X Nuffnang Baller

Power of Style with #SMAccessories111213 !

SM Accessories once again proved that they are the Philippines' Fashion Authority! Last November 12, 2013, they launched their Holiday Collection PLUS they revealed the brand's expanded set of ambassadors. 

Congratulations to my Browhaus Giveaway Winner!!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Before anything else, I would like to first say thank you to everyone who made this giveaway a very successful one! That's you, friend!! Thanks for showing love and support to my blog. :))

And now, I would like to congratulate Fati Recede for winning my giveaway! Will email you in a bit on how can you claim your prize!

Till my next giveaway everyone! 8D

Fibr: Home’s Most Powerful Broadband

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Okay, let me just say that I am a fan of The Hunger Games. I became one when I finished all the books of The Hunger Games in less than two weeks. Not bad, right? Plus, I even made a Glass Etching of a mockingjay pin! And you know what, the official Catching Fire Twitter account favorited and retweeted it! :)

Guys! It's the Hunger Games: Catching Fire that will be showing a few days from now!! Aren't you just excited? (I've been waiting for this for quite some time already! :) )

Good news Wanderers! PLDT Fibr and Nuffnang Philippines invites us to watch an exclusive screening of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on November 21, Thursday at Shangri La Cineplex!

Let me just share you something, if I were a character in the Hunger Games, I would use Fibr to help me train to win the pageant by browsing through PLDT Home Fibr-Optic Internet to the most compelling website to help me prepare for this much-seen pageant. I have to look just great to earn more sponsors for the upcoming Hunger Games! 

Fibr, Home's most powerful broadband, allows you to seemlessly and simultaneously experience the following:

1. Browsing of multiple websites

2. Stream hundreds blockbuster movies on-demand from Clickplay
3. Watch Cignal Digital TV Channels
4. Available now in over 800 fiber-powered villages nationwide.

Talk about a great deal! Now, watch this cool video from PLDT Home Fibr!

 For more details, you may visit or call 101-FIBR (3427).


Cagayan Valley Escapade Day 3

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

So, a gloomy weather woke us up. So sad because we got lotsa stuff to do that day but there was  a typhoon at our area. You know what's worst, the typhoon had its land fall at our current place.

So in order to entertain ourselves, we just played around with the team's external flashes inside our room in Balai Cagayano. :)

We stayed the night at this lovely abode only to find out that the generator is broken. We are so scared at the moment because it's October 31. Spooky!!

The typhoon was so devastating that it broke all the communication in the area. I feel bad for the local people there because I know that their daily budget was put at risk because of what the typhoon had brought in their livelihood.

Good thing that there's a good tomorrow that's waiting for all of us. :) See you on Day 4!

A Visit to Palaui Island in Cagayan Valley

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Welcome to the 2nd day of my escapade in Sta. Ana, Cagayan! If you haven’t read the first one yet, click here!

Our day started out with drizzle, bothered whether we will still pursue this day’s itinerary or not. The tourist guides are bothered because the weather is unpredictable at this moment. It was such a blessing when the rain stopped after we had our breakfast that's why we pursued our island hoping.

#WearYourColorProud with Loreal PH and Bangs T&J (Total Korean Experience!)

Friday, November 8, 2013

It was past 6 months I think when I had my last Hair Color over at a trusted local beauty salon in my place. I fully realize how my hair badly needs a rooting or full hair color if opportunity passes by. And luckily it did!! :))

I won the #WearYourColorProud courtesy of L'oreal Professionel over at Ana Gonzales (Anagon)’ The Fashion Commuter blog. It was so funny because I was at the bus when I saw that I won her giveaway. (Fashionista Commuter lang talaga ang feel! )

The Wear Your Color Proud campaign provides every Filipina the perfect hair color shade to enhance our natural features.

She decided to hold the Hair Color Treatment over at Tony and Jackey Salon at Festival Supermall. I’m so glad because I’m a south girl, too! That’s why I’m so near the place. :)

Be a part of the 2nd Blogapalooza!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Latest buzz on the blogging world!! 

Cagayan Valley Escapade Day 1

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Nothing beats a getaway after series of school works and defenses, right? I'm so giddy because I am chosen as one of the blogger/photographers who will see the beauty of "The Paradise of the Northeast". Know where that is? It's at Cagayan Valley!

Nuffnang Blogopolis 2013 #IntoTheWild

Saturday, October 26, 2013

If it weren't in my course Advertising, I wouldn't have indulge myself in the beautiful world of what is now my super love-BLOGGING. Blogging opened a lot of opportunities for me even though I have to say that I still consider myself a baby at this industry. I can compare myself to a cub hungry for more information and experiences. 

Honesty at its finest, I've been looking for quite a while already a venue wherein I can earn the knowledge and at the same time enjoy learning blogging. Wanna know what that is? :)

Tadaaaaa! Here it is! Blogopolis 2013: #IntoTheWild - Weaving Information for  Leaders of the Digital World!

OneRepublic Live in Manila

I've been a fan of good music ever since and I would say a very picky one, too. Music definitely is the best platform for me to express my emotions and personality in a different perspective. I'd sing my heart out while playing the guitar, and Voila! the old has gone, the new one has come. :)

Now why am I saying this? One of my all time music influences OneRepublic will visit Manila few days from now! This will happen on the 6th of November at the Smart Araneta Coliseum. *Screams!

Photo Diary: SM Shoes and Bags Philippine Fashion Week

Friday, October 25, 2013

The moment I stepped into my teenage years, I can remember my mom dragging me to SM Parisian to buy me leather black shoes during the start of the school year. With the varieties of shoes that they offer, I definitely found the style that fits my personality the most and made this my number one choice until now when it comes to shoe-buying.

Blog Giveaway: Browhaus Complete Workout Gift Certificate (Closed)

Monday, October 21, 2013

The Wanderer is very excited to hold her very first blog giveaway! :)

As a thank you to everyone who read and supported my blog for quite some months now, I’ll be giving away a Browhaus Gift Certificate worth P 1,600.00! (#feelingGenerous :p)

8th Edition of the Belle De Jour Power Planner has finally arrived!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

And it was indeed a Sunny day for all the Bellas who came to the BDJ Fair 2013 last October 13, 2013 at the SM Mall of Asia Music Hall! Like what is said on the poster below, the entrance to the fair is free but only pre-registered girls get to attend the different talks!

Now an Official Bella!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Note: This is the first ever Belle De Jour Event that I've been to. :)

On my part, every lady should be very knowledgeable on how they should really take care of themselves. We are like a flower, so fragile that a little damage can cause us a lot. I have to admit that I still lack knowledge when it comes to knowing me as a girl. Until I found out about the Belle de Jour Beauty Social Talk held last September 29, 2013 at Skydome, SM North Edsa.

I'll #MakeItHappen in 2014 with Belle De Jour Power Planner

Saturday, October 5, 2013

I am not a lady in distress until I became a student of Advertising and Public Relations. Tons of stuff should be accomplished in a given time at a given date. Turns out that some of my activities are already overdue because I didn't get to organize the things that I was supposed to do.

Relient K at Alabang Town Center

I really find it amusing when I get to discover new bands that offer great music. As a music lover, the more I am exposed to new sounds, the more I'm inspired to do better in music. I am proud to say that Ayala Malls never failed to be that venue on bringing the best bands and musicians on the country.

What it felt like at #CandyFair2013

To tell you the truth, I was hesitant in going to Candy Fair last September 28, 2013 at Metrotent, Ortigas because I gotta do something else later that afternoon. But then, I realized that I really wanted to go and I was wishing for a miracle to happen so that I can make it to my first Candy Fair ever.

Unveiling the Martin Bautista Pre Holiday Collection at the New Cinderella

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

If you are a regular TLW reader, you will notice the series of blog posts about Martin Bautista and Cinderella. That is because there are so many things to look after the brand. First, they renovated their boutique to give Cinderella a brand new identity. And, they collaborated with a renowned young fashion designer in the name of Martin Bautista for a collection that’s suitable for the retail brand.

It was last September 26, 2013 when the Martin Bautista’s Capsule line exclusive to Cinderella was launched at their nicely furnished boutique at Alabang Town Center.

But first, I want you to take a sneak peek at the new interior store design. Aren't you just excited?

Martin Bautista X Cinderella Capsule Line

Monday, September 30, 2013


Remember my blog post about the unveiling of Martin Bautista's exclusive collection with Cinderella? If you haven't seen it yet, you can click here

 Get ready cuz I'm about to show you the whole Martin Bautista X Cinderella collection in a snap! 

What's Up: Martin Bautista X Cinderella Grand Launch

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I grew up going to the Cinderella store at Alabang Town Center.

I can still remember the time I was looking at the wide set of clothes at the store and think, "What if this store became my walk-in closet?" :)

It is still fresh in my memory the times we shop there during the yuletide season. And that was the start of my love for this top fashion local brand.

It was quite a surprise for me when Cinderella will have a Grand Launch on September 26, 2013.

Goody's Come Play Event 2013!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Hooray to all girls out there!
If there's an event that every girl should come to, I would highly recommend the Goody #ComePlay Event 2013 held last September 14, 2013 at the Mall of Asia Atrium.

Lots of Goody girls were present to listen to the different talks about Accessorizing, Beauty and DIY!

Binge Shopping at Bazaar For All Seasons 3!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hey, the “ber” month had started already! Do you have your Christmas shopping list prepared yet? :) If not, lots of Bazaars are already planned so that you can get away with the huge number of people around the malls. (You get to buy goodies for less too! Believe me. :D)

Going to bazaars really wasn’t my thing before because of the lots of walking involve (Yeah, I really mean lots) and the bargaining for you to get a good buy. But later on, Fashion Blogging taught me the other way around. And yes, Bazaars at this moment is a must-see for me. (Even though that means I have to stash lotsa cash! XD)

I am very happy because I get to witness the third sequel of the Bazaar For All Seasons last September 1, 2013 at the Elements Tent, Centris at Quezon Avenue. Indeed a good way to start the month, right? :)

Different online shops have their own stalls there so as well our favorite fashion and lifestyle bloggers.

I’d like to give you a tour on some shops that I’ve been to!

To start it off, I went to the Bea’s Place.
I am happy to finally The Fashion Bamboozle! It’s Bea Benedicto. :) You can check her blog at

Safe and Sound

Sunday, September 8, 2013

So this is the outfit that I went for during the Bazaar For All Seasons 3!

Japanese Food is the New Soul Food

I’ve been under stress especially during the past weeks because of midterm exams and shit load of things to done at the same time. Sometimes, I just wanna escape the reality and run a life under my own rules. But, I really believe that there is a great learning behind everything that we’ve been and will be going through. 
Did you notice that a lot of people are eating their most-liked food when they get really stressed and toxic of everything around them?—Soul food. My soul food would definitely be a ton of ice cream to ease out my pressure. Sure that it’ll ruin my diet. :)

Well recently, I’ve been visiting Ramen X at Alabang Town Center to try cuisines of unique flavors. Of course, good price should be on the top priority!

The Next Level of Singing Competition!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

In case you don't know, I am very very affiliated with music. I am a singer/bassist of my band Lunchbox. I was once a choir member way way back. And I do play the lyre and acoustic guitar.

Music and I have this love-hate relationship which then later on grew into a fruitful relationship.

If you ever saw my post about the Bazooka Rocks II, you'd really know who I listen to nowadays. Anyway, I will stop babbling and let's get this thing done!

The Department of Advertising and Public Relations and ISland is proud to present to you The AD Factor!

The First DLSU Student Media Congress

If you guys will try to observe today’s lifestyle, I have to say that many had already changed. Like from the way we communicate to the way we see things through the media platform.

I am quite sure that each of us wants to be on the latest trends with the current digital breakthroughs. Also, we can help a little knowledge on how we can maximize these breakthroughs at their fullest.

That’s what the 1st Student Media Congress is all about. This congress emphasizes on the Social Media Breakthroughs. This was held last July 26-27, 2013 at the De La Salle-Manila.

Photo grabbed from
Photo grabbed from

Choose Wellness, Choose Nestle!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Health and Wellness has been my priority lately ever since I got into jogging again. I've realized the importance of maintaining a great lifestyle after all the strenuous activity I've been to. That's why when I found out that there will be a health and wellness event like Nestle Wellness Expo,  I  never missed the chance to go to this unique one of a kind event.

Last July 14, 2013, I went to the Nestle Wellness Expo at the Megatrade Halls 1-3, SM Megamall.

This event is already on its 4th year and it’s been anticipated by families living mostly around the Metro.

To be able to take part on this event, you may either register online or walk-in through the Megatrade Hall 2. (But I suggest you register online because the place gets crowded easily!)

Upon registration, they will give you a bracelet tag which you’ll be presenting on every booth that you are about to visit.

If there is one thing that I love in this Expo, it would definitely be the technology that they had used in the event. The bracelet tags given to every participant serves as their time inside the venue. Also, you can check how many booths have you visited already  just by tapping your tag to the  tablet held by the Nestle Wellness Expo staff on every booth.

After the registration, the ushers will lead you to a room discussing the Expo’s rules and regulations.
It was discussed on the rules and regulations that every participant should stay inside the premises for maximum of two hours.

If you get to visit at least three Wellness booths and have your own nutritional consultation taken at the same time, you get to take home a token from Nestle--a Nestle Umbrella!

Different booths from the vast range of the brands of Nestle are there to grace the event. (Each booth is giving away their own freebies that's why it would be best to visit them all!)

Nestle Ice Cream

Different Variants of Bear Brand

Nestle Nesfruta


Nestle Fruit Selectionn Yoghurt

Nestea Iced Tea

Nestle Low-Fat Milk



Even the Nestle Wellness has their own booths for everyone!

Wellness Quiz Bee Booth

Pose Your Wellness Booth

Nestle Kitkats are also overflowing around the place. (Yummy!)

Of all the booths that I’ve been to, I’d like the Nescafe booth best. They’re already celebrating their 75th year and I should commend how they set up their booth.

On the leftmost part of the booth are the different products of the Nescafe brand. 

Woot! I tried their latest product-the Frappe.

I also participated on one of their games. You’re just going to pass the balloon to the one on your right. Once the music stops, you’re out.

Yaay! I won a canister filled with the different Nescafe products.

Here is the Nutritional Consultation Booth wherein Nutritionist-Dietitians are present to analyze what lifestyle do you have now and how would you make it better. They would also recommend you certain products that would help you maintain a better and suitable lifestyle. 

In the end, I met the requirements needed and had my own Nestle Wellness Expo Umbrella (apart from all the freebies that I received from the booth)!

In this Expo, I had learned that Balanced Diet and Balanced Exercise is equals to Balanced Life. Live Life, Live Healthy! Choose Wellness, Choose Nestle! :)

Go to for more info!